Set in ideal circumstances like warm water (27°C) from the Indian Ocean, nice wind of around 20 knots, lot’s of sunshine and a nice temperature of 34°C in a background of crystal blue clear water, warm white sandy beaches, palm trees and coconuts, TanzaCat was the most exotic open catamaran race event of east Africa.


Sinda Island



Selous Game Reserve



TanzaCat was a combination of racing with open catamarans and relaxation in one of the worlds’ best kept secret spots: Tanzania. Besides sailing, Tanzania is also a perfect country for wildlife safaris and diving. In Tanzania you can also climb the highest point of Africa; 5895 meters at the top of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Mount Kilimanjaro


Adam Schanz The TanzaCat Regatta contained a series of 9 races on an Olympic course of triangles and sausages, one long distance race and several fun-races to and around islands near the coast. After all the TanzaCat competition the sailors enjoyed Tanzania in a different way: wildlife safaris, Zanzibar or went diving for example on Mafia Island.

Adam Schanz TanzaCat was organized in 1998, 1999 2000 and 2001 by several volunteers under the umbrella of the Royal Netherlands Embassy. TanzaCat could never have been organised without all the volunteers, not only inside the Dar es Salaam Yachtclub, but also the contact persons in each country abroad. Many thanks also go to the Tanzanian Harbours Authority, Tanzania Revenue Authority, the Royal Netherlands Embassy and sponsors.


Dar es Salaam Yachtclub (DYC)

Since the beginning in 1998, TanzaCat was hosted by the Dar es Salaam Yachtclub (DYC). The DYC is a members club to facilitate members for several kinds of watersports like sailing, diving, fishing and waterskiing. The DYC has nice facilities like several bars, two open-air restaurants, Change rooms, showers, toilets, a small swimming-pool and a playground for children. The relaxed atmosphere at the DYC is not only appreciated very much by its members but was also by the TanzaCat participants from abroad.











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